What to See when Visiting Monument Valley

The American Southwest is one of the best places to visit during your travels.  There are a wide variety of natural landscapes to behold, including canyons, deserts, forests, archaeological sites, cultural sites, and more.  Although many of these locations are worth visiting, one of the greatest attractions in the Southwest is the one and only Monument Valley. 

There are a wide variety of exciting things for visitors to see here.  The Monument Valley has a long history as home to the Navajo people, and is renowned for its beautiful scenery, amazing vistas, overlooks, and geological formations.  

Monument Valley is filled with ancient buttes, which scatter the landscape.  In fact, there are hardly any places in the world with as many buttes in one place as the Monument Valley.  One of the more famous rock formations is the “Totem Pole”, which is an eroded butte shaped like a pole.   Another well-known rock formation is the “Three Sisters”, which consists of three rock formations jutting out next to each other. 

There are also various places that have been used as filming locations for Hollywood movies, with the most well-known being “John Ford’s Point”. 

Other places of interest include Artist’s Point, the East and West Mittens, various arches, and more.  Regardless of what part of the Monument Valley you are in, there is a vivid, red color to the landscape and the buttes.  This unusually colored land itself is a sight to behold!

 Hiking trails exist throughout Monument Valley, letting visitors walk through the scenery.  The Monument Valley is miles away from large, light producing cities, making the night sky especially vivid.  With minimal light pollution, and clear skies much of the time, the Monument Valley is an amazing place to go stargazing. 

Astronomy enthusiasts who bring their own telescopes can have a great time looking for stars and planets in the night sky.  In fact, for visitors who stay at one of the campsites or RV sites at Goulding’s, stargazing can be as easy as stepping outside your door.  

The best way to experience these various sites is by getting a guided Tour, such as one of several offered by Goulding’s.  The Tour Guides are all local Navajos who are familiar with the Monument Valley and can provide access to areas typically not available to the public. 

These include various back-country paths, which provide access to different formations, arches, and viewpoints that show the natural beauty of the Monument Valley. 

In addition to the different buttes, arches, and rock formations, some of the tours provide views of additional sites such as Anasazi ruins, rock art, and more.  These tours are available at various times of the day, such as at sunrise or sunset.  

Overall, there are various interesting sights to see in Monument Valley.  This includes rock formations, buttes, arches, Anasazi ruins, and more.  The best way to view these various sights is by getting a tour through Monument Valley from Goulding’s.  The tours allow visitors to learn from a local tour guide about the various things there are to see in Monument Valley.

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